Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin gaming is growing quickly as bitcoin adoption spreads. Bitcoin gambling sites are quickly becoming mainstream and Casino Holdings holds several brands in development for bitcoin casinos. Casino Holdings INC acquired Bitcoin.Casino in February 2017 to be our first online bitcoin casino marketing brand. This acquisition is part of our greater strategic initiative of developing a competitive group of targeted marketing sites for bitcoin casino brands including Dealer.Casino and other specialized bitcoin gaming sites.

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Casino Marketing

Casino Holdings has been one of the leading marketing companies of online casinos since 2001. We run a diverse group of authority gambling sites covering Bitcoin gaming, Fiat online casinos, VR gambling and mobile gaming platforms. Casino Holdings INC holds key assets is the online gambling market and is currently perusing our developments plans for regional gambling sites for U.S. Canada, UK, Europe with several of our brands such as, and several others.

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Casino Domains

Domain names are an important part of the branding process and critically relative to any website's brand identity. Casino Holdings INC runs Casino.Domains which sells targeted premium casino domains from our vast portfolio of gambling domain names including,, and many more. Casino.Domains is currently under construction and will be completed with a complete list of premium casino domain names  for sale in the first quarter of 2018.

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Casino.Holding is Under Construction

We are still in the process of developing out the website. Casino Holdings INC was formed in 2017 with the goal of one day taking our business public on the stock market. This is still only a goal and there are no plans currently. We growing quickly but are not yet positioned to go public and need to grow the business some more before getting to that point.

Please pardon the dust as we build out the website.


Bitcoin Casino Games

In February 2017 Casino Holdings, INC released Bitcoin.Casino as our first and primary brand for marketing BTC Gambling sites that allow casino players to play bitcoin casino games online for a chance to win actual bitcoins. To begin with Bitcoin.Casino is an information resource for bitcoin online casino players. We're currently developing strategic partnerships with a number of top bitcoin casinos. Going forward we're researching licensing and regulatory options with a long term goal of making Bitcoin.Casino a fully licensed, legal and regulated Bitcoin casino that could offer its own BTC casino gaming platform.

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