Casino Holdings, INC Announces Plans for Our Bitcoin.Casino Brand

In the first quarter of 2017 Casino Holdings, INC acquired the domain Bitcoin.Casino as part of our initial plans for entering the bitcoin online gambling market.

Bitcoin.Casino - Online Bitcoin Casino Guide2017 has been a very busy year for Casino Holdings and our development of Bitcoin.Casino to date has been limited. As you can see from the screenshot provided we still need to redesign the website and update the content to create the best user experience possible. We’re in the process of this now. We acquired the brand with an active website along with it and much of the content still needs to be changed to improve readability and user engagement. We’re guessing that English was not the original developers primary language as there are several casino reviews on the website in need of grammar improvement and casino review readability. We’re announcing our plans for the new Bitcoin.Casino brand development in the article below.

Our plans for phase one of re-branding efforts for Bitcoin.Casino is to release a newly design site to improve user experience making it easy to navigate from Android and IOS Mobile devices, PC’s, laptops and Mac computers. Our team of experienced casino review specialists are in the process of writing objective and factual reviews for our bitcoin casino partners listed. We are also seeking out new bitcoin casinos to partner with for the new casino site being developed.

For phase two we’ll be adding additional free casino games for players to play just for fun on Bitcoin.Casino. It currently hosts free blackjack and free slot machine games and for phase two we’ll be adding a larger selection of free online casino games to play including video poker games, roulette, craps, baccarat and other popular games.

Phase three plans are still being modified as we continue to research licensing options for bitcoin casino games and the legal and regulatory framework for operating a legally licensed bitcoin gambling site. There are a number of software providers to consider the the legal landscape will require extensive research to ensure any real bitcoin games offered are in compliance with all letters of the law. Laws regarding online gambling vary greatly depending on location, games offered and more. If you’re and experienced operator and are interested in investing or partnering with us for phase three and can provide assistance regarding licensing and regulatory compliance please contact us and express your interest. We are also looking into the possibility have holding a Bitcoin Casino ICO for We think there is great potential for a Bitcoin Casino ICO investment opportunity. If you’re and ICO advisor that can provide Initial Coin Offering advisory services and would like to discuss this opportunity with us please let us know. We’ll be reviewing proposals from ICO investors, ICO advisors and bitcoin gambling operators and will get back to you if we’re interested in working with you on the Bitcoin Casino brand.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Bitcoin.Casino in 2018.

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